Civil Investigations


Civil Investigations

Attoe-Watson & Company, Inc. has over 35 years of experience conducting civil investigations in the following areas:

Asset Searches

Investigations to identify real estate, personal property, and funds owned by debtors, companies, and individuals.

Background Investigations - Checks
Investigations to determine whether those people you trust with your business or personal life are deserving of the faith you put in them.

Child Custody Investigations
Investigations to locate and identify possible parental negligence or mistreatment of minors.

Domestic Cases
Investigations which can include everything from partner surveillance to domestic abuse investigations, pre-marital investigations, and infidelity investigations.

Missing Persons Investigations
Investigations to locate missing or estranged relatives or friends.

Personal Injury
Investigations which attempt to identify the origin, nature and severity of an injury.

Workers Compensation Investigations
Investigations which identify potential insurance fraud.

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